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The All-In-One Restaurant Online Ordering System.

No Apps. No Downloads. It’s Free.

We’re helping restaurants:

  • Launch a digital menu
  • Reduce order wait times
  • Manage every order on one screen
  • Serve 2x more customers
  • Increase margins and cash-flow
  • Improve customer experience

It’s fluid, fast and you don’t need to get to grips with the tech because it just works. It’s way more efficient not having customers in front of you … we receive 100 orders in 10 minutes, which is no problem for us now.

Andrew Chongsathien

Owner, Brother Thai

No Monthly Subscriptions. Zero Risk. Cancel Anytime.
Backed By A 100% Zero Service Interruption Guarantee.

Online Ordering Features

Create the best restaurant experience  Let customers decide what to order and how they’d like to pay.

Table Ordering


Pay By QR Code

Split Bills


Fast, Easy Payments

With Digital Dining’s mobile payment solution,  customers can decide how they want to pay, allowing you to provide them with an exceptional dining experience.

Customers can pay with any major credit or debit card, as well as with Google and Apple Pay. 

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40+ POS and Delivery App Integrations

With this Digital Dining POS system, you can finally ditch all the bulky equipment and close the bazillion and one tabs.

Manage every order on one screen and in one tab. From food delivery app aggregation to your POS system and stock management tools, we’ve got you covered.


Digital Dining’s restaurant online ordering system comes with many built-in tools that give restaurants and entertainment venues the ability to grow and run efficiently. Some of the benefits of using our restaurant ordering system include:

Set up within minutes

Up to 30% increase in revenues

Reduce wait times by up to 60%

Staff can service 2x the customers

Built-in customer marketing platform

Management access via any device

Rich data and analytics reporting

Increase margins and cash-flow

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Accept incoming orders from your existing POS, smartphone or Tablet.

Need an upgrade?

For a limited time we’re giving away 200 tablets with any setup. Ask about the tablet during sign up.

Getting started is as simple as 1, 2, 3.

1. Setup your digital menu ordering system

Make it possible for customers to get exactly what they want, how they want it, from your digital menu ordering system by adding in modifiers and preferences. Change the name, price, and image of an item, as well as its dietary and allergen content, and add any number of optional extras. Increase your profits by timing special meals and offering discounts for large orders.

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2. Scan, order & pay with on demand delivery software

It’s as easy as scan, order & pay. Provide your customers smooth and easy ordering experience through your website or QR Code without having to download an app.

Customers can access a digital menu and on demand delivery software services by scanning a QR code or typing in a URL on any web device. This can be done using any web browser.

3. Manage customer orders with ease

With Digital Dining, everything is at your finger tips.

  • Manage orders in one place
  • Fulfill or cancel orders
  • Provide refunds
  • Integrated CRM
  • Create and manage loyalty programs

Discover How Easy It Is To Setup Your Menu

Creating a menu from scratch and customizing it to your restaurant’s needs couldn’t be easier. Set pricing, add photos, custom descriptions, and multiple meal options at the tap of a button. Set hours of operation and different menus for different times of day.

Everything you need to give your customers the gift of choice and simplicity is inside our Digital Dining platform.


2.9% + $0.30 per transaction.

We’re as free as it gets. Unlock every tool and only pay processing fees.

What People Are Saying

The net spend from a customer has gone up a lot because they’re not having to come and queue. In peak times, order wise, we’re probably looking at 50-60 orders every minute. You know we’ve done over 2000 in a 4-hour shift, easily.

Tom Cox

General Manager, Depot

If we hadn’t got the BNA Digital Dining we would have to have a lot more staff physically going round and taking orders and it wouldn’t be viable for us opening, simply because of the wage costs.

Leigh Watts

Owner, The Greyhound Inn

One thing that the Yoello app is really good for is upselling the sides. As people have time to browse the menu a bit more than they would do when they come up and they’re just still looking at the menu or talking to you, so because you can sit at your table and look through it, it definitely does encourages people to order sides and maybe order a bit more food and try few different things.

Andrew Kinsella

Owner, Cafe at the End of the Universe.

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