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BNA x Yoello a partnership like no other.

The UK Success, launching in Canada.

About Yoello x BNA

Yoello is an award-winning payments platform for merchants in the UK. Founded in 2016, and going live in July of 2020, its innovative pre-pay and web-based order and payment solution, is trusted by many businesses, both big and small and has been proven to be an extremely valuable platform. Yoello offers features that increase customer spend, with an easily customizable dashboard, convenient payment methods plus data and loyalty tools that benefit both merchants and customers.

BNA has partnered with Yoello Order & Pay to launch this solution in Canada. BNA Digital Dining, powered by Yoello, will give Canadian businesses the opportunity to improve operational efficiency up to 40% by eliminating queues and streamlining the traditional order and payment process, and elevate customer experiences, allowing them to order and consume what they want without leaving their seat or downloading any apps.

Best Restaurant Online Ordering Software

The net spend from a customer has gone up a lot because they’re not having to come and queue. In peak times, order wise, we’re probably looking at 50-60 orders every minute. You know we’ve done over 2000 in a 4-hour shift, easily.

Tom Cox

General Manager, Depot

If we hadn’t got the BNA Digital Dining we would have to have a lot more staff physically going round and taking orders and it wouldn’t be viable for us opening, simply because of the wage costs.

Leigh Watts

Owner, The Greyhound Inn

One thing that the Yoello app is really good for is upselling the sides. As people have time to browse the menu a bit more than they would do when they come up and they’re just still looking at the menu or talking to you, so because you can sit at your table and look through it, it definitely does encourages people to order sides and maybe order a bit more food and try few different things.

Andrew Kinsella

Owner, Cafe at the End of the Universe.

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