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Will my restaurant experience downtime during set up?

Nope! When setting up Digital Dining you have the ability to choose whether you want to run independently from your existing POS System. For the first month, we recommend this approach when exploring the platform.

What happens if I want to stop using Digital Dining Online Ordering Software?

Turn us off and forget about us. It really is as simple as that. Because we don’t operate with subscription fees, users are free to turn Digital Dining on and off at the click of a button. One click and you can disconnect us from any integrations you might have made and that’s that. No hard feelings.

What is online ordering system for restaurants?

An online ordering system is a computerized system that allows customers to place orders with a restaurant or other food-related businesses. Customers can typically browse an online menu, select items, and submit their orders electronically

What are ordering systems called?

Ordering systems are referred to as order management systems. After a transaction is recorded and accounted for, these tools monitor everything from inventory to shipping to customer service. The transparency afforded by these ordering systems is advantageous for both the company and the customer.

What is ordering software?

Ordering software is a type of software that enables the guest and the business owner a real-time view throughout the process of ordering.  Ordering software also allows the individual to keep track of goods, sales and customer information in one place, making information accessibility easy.

Which model is best for online food ordering system?

The best model for an Online Food Ordering System is one that integrates food delivery systems. When this system integrates food delivery systems this enables both the admin and restaurants to manage food delivery in a centralized manner.

Is ordering system a POS?

Yes, an ordering system can be a POS as well. These POS systems are purposely built for a restaurant employee, the menus for entry speed, and typically require training. You can think of an online digital ordering system as having the same functionality as a POS system but from outside the store.

How much do food delivery services charge restaurants?

The price food delivery services charge restaurants is between 15% and 30% of the order’s total price. Many business owners don’t know that third-party delivery apps charge them high fees. To find out how much a food service site charges, you would have to call them.

With BNA Digital Dining, you can integrate with 3rd party delivery service providers or add and monitor your own delivery drivers.

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